Interpretations Of Dracula

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Pruthvi Bhatt
Dr. England
English 2319
Section #002
Date: 4/4/14

Dracula’s Unseen Face
The Victorian era was very much found of Vampires. As a matter of fact Bram Stoker’s Dracula was and still is one the most famous vampire novel. Dracula can be heard through many newspapers or magazines, letters, etc. Everyone has his or her own view about the characters in the book. While according to Carol Senf, the novel is written in mainly ways of expressing both good and evil. As we read the book we all find that all of the characters are scared of Dracula.
Secondly, one of the main point Senf brings up is that all the characters in the book are scared of the blood sucking monster because of his open sexuality. As, Dracula always ignored or will keep a safe distance from anyone wearing cross or any religious thing. This can be taken as if he was afraid of God or it could also be interpreted as he kind of showed respect to it and because of that he would stay away. The passage shows many different thoughts and interpretations about the book. For instance, one of the other ways the book could...
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