Interpretation In Architecture Essay

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Theory is the knowledge of the subject based on technical facts or fantasy , which extends the vision of human mind to explore new ideas and concepts. Theory can encompass scientific dimensions of building tectonics and structure plus can also assimilate the philosophical ideologies proposed by thinkers and philosophers , in the world of creativity and spiritual exploration .
Practice , in contrary is the reality check on those ideas and notions which are locked in to the pages of a book. Practice brings all of the theoretical concepts to the real world .
Hence , the application of theory by practice is crucial and critical process . This process is therefore implemented by Interpretation in architecture.
‘‘Interpretation is the revenge of the intellect upon art’’66
Interpretation is the implementation of the acquired knowledge and skills .The local institutes though teaches architecture effectively but the criterion to evaluate the efficient usage of the education is by the materialistic outcome of the thought process .Its the encounter of creativity and imagination with the reality. This is the product of the design pedagogy followed and the environmental illusions generated by the spatial design.
‘As architecture is a interpretive , critical art’ , which transforms in the designers mind and after several refinements yield in a design solutions. Architecture is therefore , seeking the coherence of the mediums and so as interpretation , which is persistently striving for unity and harmony amongst them.
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...oblems and cities potential.
• Natural influence and character of the space, to facilitate the seeker of solitude and spirituality.
• Vastness of views to and from the site , to raise the building on a pedestal and give it a monumental position.
The site is situated at Shahdara ,near Barakaho and Bani Gala in the suburban area of Islamabad , the federal capital of Pakistan. The site is accessible by the
Murree Express Road. The site sits in the lap of nature and shares its boundaries with the low density human settlement and foothills of Margalla. The neighbourhood of the site is dominated by land under Quaid –e-Azam University , so the presence of students in the area brings in freshness to the environment. The topography of the site has great variations of contours and sits on a high point , hence it is visible from a great distance. Thus,
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