Interpersonal Functions Of Language Essay

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Since ancient man tried to communicate with other human. Beings that achieved in ways that are being able to communicate. Communication have two ways: talk and text. The talk is the words involved and composed of sound produced by the human mouth and it is used to produce in a situation of rapid interaction. The text is the words involved and composed of other symbols or visual and text is meaning any passage spoken and written. Speak is not only depend on what is said but also to how is said. Central to the meaning of talk are pauses, con of voice and gestures. Routines and activities are the communication viewed in terms of language practices. The people have spoken to communicate and interact. The context is main concept
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Referential function is any speech event fulfills a referential function, and it deals with information. The Phatic function is any speech event fulfills a referential function, and it deals with social relationships it often called the interpersonal functions’. Michael Holliday calls these functions ideational and interpersonal functions of language. In 1962 J. L. Austin realized that in ‘saying something (e.g. ‘hello’), a speaker is also doing something. Austin referred to actions that are carried out through speaking as speech acts. The Speech acts are when a speaker saying something and doing something else, and it means the actions that are carried out through speaking. For example, saying “Hi‟ or “Hello‟ while greeting somebody making a promise. Harvey Sacks began his work in conversation analysis, which examines naturally occurring talk in an extremely detailed and methodical way, and it used as an attempt to reach an understanding of how people actually use spoken language to communicate and he talks about procedural rules, which people tend to follow when one person addresses another. Sacks refers to adjacency pairs is spoken exchanges are composed of single units, which tend to function together in pairs or spoken exchanges are composed of particular kinds of speech act that tend to follow one…show more content…
Language practices are uniform style of verbal behavior of people that communicate in close proximity with each other by imitating each other's verbal behavior. From other means, we can say language practices are formless social phenomena, which we may only describe to the best of our satisfaction (Jon Hellevig, 2016). From other hand, in paper of Spencer E. Cahill (1986), the relationship between language practices and gender identity has studied and found that language practices are depending earthier on gender and type of human, male or female, child or young, family or friends. As examples to language practices mentioned by Spencer E. Cahill (1986):

A 39-month-old boy (B) and a 47-month-old boy (T) were in the "house playing" area of the preschool classroom when the following interaction occurred.

B: I will be the dad. You be the mom.
T: NO! I will be the dad. You be the mom.
B: NOOO! (Extended
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