Interpersonal Communication: Coverbal And Non-Verbal Communication

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Interpersonal Interaction
Interpersonal interaction is an exchange between two people using both verbal and non-verbal communication. For an exchange to be effective professionals need to consider their speech and language. To begin with they need to consider what the preferred language is of the patient (is English their first language?). A professional will need to consider their own dialect, slang and jargon and whether the patient will understand them and if it will come across as unprofessional. Verbal communication is most effective when turn taking takes place (one person should listen whilst the other talks), the care professional should be responsive to what the patient says and their need. More factors to consider when communicating
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The process is continuous and takes place constantly in communication whether people are communicating verballing or non-verbally. Argyle suggests that professionals can improve their communications through taking on board verbal/NVC feedback and adapting to it, it is important to be responsive. For the recipient to understand and the communication to be effective the message needs to be clear and concise. To be effective professionals also need to consider what that the recipient has knowledge of how the message has been encoded (for example do they speak English?) so that it can be…show more content…
Argyles theory does give the basis for all communication, and applies to every verbal and non-verbal conversation had, however, it doesn’t take into account the many barriers that occur with people, all patients have different needs and it varies from person to person. On the other hand, Argyle has managed to define communication into six sections making it easier for people to find out where in their communication they have gone wrong and from then they can assess and apply what they need to improve their communication skills.
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