Interpersonal And Intelligence: The Importance Of Emotional Intelligence

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As mentioned above, Emotional Intelligence deals with both of us interpersonal and intrapersonal behavior styles. Additional, it also has a strong connection between our memories and thoughts, because of our perceived ideas about them. Unlike IQ, which remains constant throughout our life, EQ can be developed and honed over time. Therefore, when we are able to address, control and mold our emotions, we have the power to engage and develop relationships with others. More importantly, developing our emotional intelligence can help us enhance our life in both personally and professionally, which bring satisfaction and happiness to our daily life. Our life is a sum of our choices, so here are a set of strategies, helping us make a wiser choice in our journey.
1. Note our emotional reactions to events throughout the day. At the end of the day, we should take our time to remind all the experience we have met throughout the day. Then, acknowledge of how we feel about that activity. Paying more attention to our feeling and connecting them to our experience is essential to improve our self-awareness ability. Furthermore, naming our
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Nowadays, people tend to pay attention to Emotional Intelligence (EQ) which gives a higher success rate in achieving both physical goals (status, certificate, health, etc.) and mental goals (emotions, relationship, happiness, etc.) Moreover, unlike IQ, which remains more or less constant throughout life, EQ can be evolved through observation, learning and experience Behavior is significantly more affected by emotions than just by intelligence (Kite, “Understanding Emotional Intelligence: Strategies for Boosting Your EQ and Using it in the Workplace”, 9). Due to the reason of high demand on a person’s cognitive, emotional and physical resources, this ability will become highly important in the
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