Interntional Relations After the Cold War

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Cold War - the period from 1946 to 1989, when the two superpowers - the United States and Soviet relations became very strained. The world was divided into communist and democratic bloc headed by the superpowers. Among them, continued to fight an ideological and propaganda, economic and military rivalry. Military was created, in which weapons and military strategy were tested. At the end of the Second World War, relations between the former allies in the war with Germany began to deteriorate. Stalin did not want to run out of hands of those areas that were occupied by Soviet Union , the U.S. threatened the entrenchment of the Soviet Union. In addition, both countries were represented opposing economic systems, and each of their capacity due to one or another economic model, popular in the world. Cold War era started after W. Churchill speech in 1946, Fulton he said: From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic an iron curtain has descended across Europe. Soon the Soviet Union's policy in Europe has become very aggressive, while the U.S. tried to make every effort to stop the spread of communism. Disastrous for the Cold War era was the time when NATO's military unit located in Germany was divided into two states. Then the Soviet Union failed to establish a military bloc, but that's why they established their control of economic unification of the Eastern European countries (ESPT).Rivalry between the superpowers and the two systems involved Asia. Chinese revolution, the Korean Conflict, Vietnam War – a Cold War implications. Formidable competition reached the limit of the superpowers during the Caribbean crisis, when the communist-ruled Cuba, the Soviets deployed medium-range missiles. United States demanded the...

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...idence emerged so we have such thing as the Schengen area. The world is in the free movement as never before, everything is accessible with your hand thanks to the end of cold world and a daily changing technology and the world.

Nevertheless the Cold War is over but its effects are felt up till now, namely the Cold War occurs, the name of the third world countries. Even now the countries that where the hot spots during the Cold War now are politically and economically unstable. There is no more left wing political views no matter that China and Cuba remained socialist regime, it's nothing to be compared how it was in the Soviet Union. The world must understand that after the end of Cold War struggle we need to develop a common policy based on mutual support, troubleshooting, integration and humanism.
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