Internship Reflection Essay

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I am fascinated by the shifts I am aware of as I travel further down this path. In internship, I have noticed a lot of shifting in this particular quarter. There are a lot systemic challenges I am facing, but I feel like I am in this unique spot in my counseling work. Things feel turbulent in many ways; however, I feel truly connected with my clients. I see them. It is more than being present with them. I am not quite sure how to put it into words, but there is an energy I am aware of.
What did I learn from my client from this presentation? I learn from this client on a regular basis. I do not know if there is something specific I learned about my client from doing the presentation. I learn from being with him. Some of the feedback I received was helpful but often felt I might not be presenting my client well enough. There was a lot of feedback about other ways that my client can have independence in his life. The thing is, it felt dismissive of his longing
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I understand safety concerns. I understand there are other ways that this client can gain some freedom in his life. This client wants romantic love. My role is to listen to the pain and frustration my client feels; to acknowledge how challenging it must be to feel misunderstood. I do not know if my client will find what he is seeking, but I can sit with him while he struggles. He deserves to be heard, he deserves to have his wants and needs acknowledged, he deserves to be seen beyond his developmental disability.
I am grateful to have had the opportunity to present this case. This client has a lot to teach others. He is finding his voice – something that has been shut down his whole life. If nothing else, I hope this presentation helped give some insight into what it is like for some people who are living with a developmental disability. A large part of why I wanted to play audio of a session was to let his voice be heard. I did not want to do all the speaking for
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