Internship Reflection Essay

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I have now learned to speak up when I have a point to make and when I need to explain myself. This business did a very good job at trying their best to get my ideas out on the table. I have taken a lot of criticism at first when the social media pages weren’t getting action. It was hard to receive, especially from my uncle, but I didn’t give up and thought of different ways to make us different then other pages. As more ideas came to me and as I tried them we finally started to see some conversations flowing and interactions happening through social media. This made the hard times receiving criticism not so bad. I learned you might not succeed at first, but don’t give up, keep trying and positive things will come. I have always had low confidence in myself, which has hurt me in many things I do. By interning and working with a bigger company, I have seen my confidence grow,…show more content…
I saw how social media fits into so many different subjects. I also could apply the health communication classes I took to this field in the health insurance part. When first coming I was nervous that my major wasn’t going to fit into this job but realized quickly, insurance is all about communicating correctly and efficient. It has made me a better communicator and has brought in ideas to make communication easier that I never thought of applying to a business. It has benefitted me in learning how to apply what you learn in a lecture to an actual situation and physically doing the steps rather then just going over the steps. Working here has made me become more professional and taught me how to work together in a big group and take in everyone’s considerations even if you don’t agree. In the future, I will be prepared for group work. I will also now be prepared that some things don’t work the first time but don’t give up and positive situations happen when you don’t give
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