Internet of Everything and Internet of Things: The Impact on Business

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The purpose of this assignment is to discuss the impact Internet of everything (IoE) and internet of things (IoT) has and will continue to have on businesses, such as how it is going to improve productivity, reduce costs and enable businesses to get the most out of their assets and improve societies by enabling better water management, improve transport system, reduce crime and create more employment and business opportunities. It also discusses the changes we are about to experience like growth in economies, significant increase in the total amount of data and information in existence so that knowledge can be attained and how should people prepare for that change and we will also learn about the new risks associated with IoE(Davenport, 2013).
What is internet of everything (IoE)?
(IoE) describes connecting every device on the internet so that can they can accessed and controlled remotely and be able to collect, analyse and send data or make its own decision based on the collected information e.g. An Artificial Intelligent (AI) bed that monitors sleep patterns with hundreds of sensors built into the mattress collecting and using that data to adjust itself to suit your sleeping position to make sure that you rest well and wake refreshed and free from back pains, neck pains and fatigue, and When you wake up in the morning the bed fixes itself (Duncan, 2014).
IoE is already available in business e.g. the retail companies are implementing RFID tags which stores information about the product like the size of the shoe, colour, manufacturer name, the date it was shipped in and the country it was manufactured in. IoE is going to revolutionize everyday objects we use and depend on into AI objects, to achieve that sensors, ...

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