Internet benifits to society

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To begin with, the Internet plays a significant role in the world of communication. Communication is fundamental to individuals on numerous purposes, whether to express viewpoints or distribution of information subjective to intents of individual. In this modern era, the practices of traditional means of communication are extinctive and, are replaced by telecommunication or digital means such as Internet. Brey(2004) states that,” The Internet facilitates one-to-one, one-to-many and many- to-many communication and enables users to communicate easily and inexpensively with a wide variety of individuals across the globe”. For example, Social networks such as Facebook, offers one-to –one, many-to- many communications and it is free to subscribe or signup. According to Jung (2010), analytics for website ranked social networks such as Facebook second rank equating amount of web site traffic in recent day. Moreover, the internet also expedites the individual to advance from communicating phase to flourishing and developing social relations. Communication leads to social mobility and acknowledgement of multiculturalism within the society. This shows that, communication is crucial to individuals and society and in virtue of internet’s advancement of facilitating the communication, it can be concluded that internet has brought many benefits to the society.
Furthermore, the Internet enables individuals to acquire and distribute information. In this advanced telecommunication era, the internet is only the substantive and practical source of the information. Traditional means of accessing information are at the risk of extinction. For example, present-days, individual are gaining information virtually rather than by means of books or other re...

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...nt. Internet also equips individuals with flexibility of learning by various contemporary means, not constricting on traditional approaches such as reading books and newspapers. Considering this approach empowered by the internet, which is economical and competent it can determined that internet benefits on individual’s learning and cognitive development.

To conclude, the internet is vital to the society because it has brought many benefits to the society. From, significant role in the world of communication to dissemination of information and benefits on learning and cognitive development, the internet has profoundly benefited the society. The internet empowers individual to express viewpoints and interconnect with the global world. It also the fundamental and practical source of the information, enabling individuals to acquire and disseminate the information.
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