Internet Service And The Internet

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This flow diagram shows that the information must pass through the disk and the web server to get to the users browser and screen so they can see the information. Internet Service Providers ISP are what allow you to use the internet and have an internet connection, some companies include SKY, BT and virgin. You must pay the internet provider companies for your connection to the internet. Internet can use telephone lines and satellites for foreign sites. Web hosting services are things that it’s not always necessary to pay but you do need an internet connection in order to be able to view things online. Web hosting online means that you can make things online but without an internet connection they can’t be viewed and can add up if you create your own. A lot of people decide on paying the costs so you can make your website without the costs racking up. Costs to purchase part of someone’s web hosting varies on the traffic that you will bring and the amount of computers that may want to access that server and even how much space you want. If you host a website, you will become a web ho...

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