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Introduction Microsoft has historically been best known for its Windows operating systems and suite of Office products such as Word, Excel, and Outlook. Conversely, Google is best known for its internet search engine. As both companies strive for more market share and computer dominance, they are taking the approach of entering adjacent markets to their core competencies. Microsoft, abandoning the Live search engine that has taken a beating from Google over the last decade, has launched a new, feature rich search engine called Bing. They are trying to differentiate themselves from the Google search engine by parting from Google’s clean, minimalist look and adding more content to the search page, hopefully reducing the number of clicks for its customers. Google on the other hand has been relentlessly attacking Microsoft on all fronts, with search, web based e-mail, office, and even an operating system. Arguably one of Google’s most successful endeavors is the cloud based Gmail e-mail service. Gmail has been vastly superior to Microsoft’s Hotmail e-mail service, offering many more features, and, originally more storage space to gain market share. The web based service also competes with Microsoft’s desktop client e-mail service, Outlook, leveraging the ease of accessing online e-mail. Gmail has changed the way many people use e-mail, by labeling, archiving the messages instead of putting them in folders, and finally offering advance filtering and spam blocking technology. The advantage of the Gmail system is that one message can have many tags attached, versus the old system which required the e-mail to be stored in only one folder. Below are some of the areas where Microsoft and Google are competing for market ... ... middle of paper ... ...of Privacy,”, 10/12/09 Krazit, Tom, “Yahoo, Microsoft make search pact official, cnet news, 2/18/10 McAllister, Neil, “Officesuites in the Cloud: Microsoft Office Web Apps versus Google Docs and Zoho,”, 10/7/09,0 Ricker, Thomas, “Acer to Launch First Chrome OS Netbook,”, 12/2/09 Shachtman, Noah, “‘Don’t Be Evil,’ Meet ‘Spy on Everyone’: How the NSA Deal Could Kill Google,”, 2/4/10

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