Internet Regulation

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Internet Regulation
Technology is growing at an uncontrollable rate in today’s world. Along with this, so is the internet. Regulating the internet is becoming a major issue all over the world. Some people don’t believe it is possible for the internet to be regulated and many think it should not be regulated at all because it infringes on our rights of free speech; while many believe it will have to be regulated to protect people of all ages and all backgrounds. There are three aspects of the internet that have to be regulated; criminal activities, illegal content, and harmful/offensive content. All three of these appear on the internet in many different ways and are becoming a major problem in today’s world. These problems can and have to be regulated in order for the internet to be safe for the public.
Crime is everywhere in today’s society. One of the scariest things is that you can become a victim of many different types of crimes while using your computer. Just last year there was a reported loss of $525,441,110.00 ( due to internet related crimes. This is because people are able to access another person’s personal information through the internet. You may even be committing crimes without even being knowledgeable of it by downloading illegal content. With activities such as these occurring every hour of everyday; the internet needs to become more restricted to help protect the public and industries affected by these sorts of crimes. Another major problem is the impersonation of legitimate websites to scam unsuspecting people. If there is nothing in place to monitor and shutdown illegal websites that commit these crimes, they will only increase as times go on; becoming even harder to detect and could possibly do ...

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... to be done before it is too late. The safety of people is too important not to have any sort of regulation system in place. Whether or not it will be done remains to be seen.

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