Internet Prediction: The Causes And Effects Of Internet Addiction

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Our society is becoming more technology advanced every day. It seems like new flips and gadgets are coming out every month. The latest phone is being updated, new software is available for download and we all have the urge to poses it. It's safe to say that technology and the use of the internet is becoming more and more widely spread throughout our world today, but being attached to the internet can have negative side effects and be harmful to ourselves. That's where the word "internet addiction" comes in. Internet addiction is a slightly growing problem that’s becoming a huge issue in our world today. Internet addiction can cause people to lose sight of focus and affect their work productivity. The internet is easily available in many countries especially since Internet connectivity speed is increasing and access is rising as well. Some of the websites that cause people to be attached to the internet are social media, gaming, porn, internet surfing, gambling and a few more. If we use the internet wisely, it will benefit us as opposed to harming us in the long run.
The United States and China both agree that computer gaming is a major issue causing internet addiction which is why they are focusing their attention on behavior from online gaming. “Nearly all researchers agree that Internet addiction exists, even if the terms they use to define this addiction differ” (Lawrence M. Paska and Zheng Yan). A test recently came out called the Internet addiction test to try and discover if users were addicted to the internet. The test contained signs of six factors whether the user was addicted to the internet or not. The test included signs of salience, work productivity, feelings of anticipation, excessive use, diminished self control, a...

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...ernet surfing the web much of our time is lost. Therefore there aren't more hours in the day to finish what needs to be done.

Ultimately the Internet can significantly enhance a person’s self- identification, closer relationships with friends, and bonding with the world. However many negatives come with that from health issues to job performance. It is extremely important that we have control over our internet usage and realize how to use it effectively. A few ways to improve your internet usage is limiting your computer time every week. Another way to avoid the internet is to get involved. Join a team, club, church, sports or a hobby that doesn’t involve the internet, video games or cell phones. If people make good use of their time, internet addiction rates will decrease. Overall the internet is a great tool to have, but it can also be a horrible habit.
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