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1. Evaluate the reasons Social Media Marketing has become exceedingly popular among businesses of all sizes.
I have evaluated what Social Media refers to; the interaction among people in which they create, exchange the share of information through virtual communities. This gives businesses the ability to share news about their products and services offered through Social Media which in turn leaves room for marketing. Social Media Marketing is an alternative to traditional marketing in reference to accessing large groups of potential consumers. Get the word out about something new, or what’s to come, it’s free and fast which is a great benefactor for any growing business today.
Social media has opened doors for great things to happen; being able to reach the people outside of your state is a great way to get your product and service offered to those that are beyond your reach. It offers the possibilities to form new relationships that have no limits, and the best part, very little to no cost. Being able to reach those outside of your reach with a click of a button has changed the face of business to date. The Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, etc., offer opportunities to build relationships whether professional or personal.
Marketing is the activity; a set of instructions, and the process for creating communication, delivery, and exchanging offerings that have value to their customers and clients. The right marketing strategies allow for businesses to grow their brand. The underlying rule is to ensure consumers always get what they want and to always meet the supply of their needs to keep them coming back for more. In any business, marketing, is extremely important to a growing busin...

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... grown and reached millions over the years, not just in the United States but worldwide the word is being spreaded about what is to come. Social media has changed the way brands, people and cultures interact with their audiences of current and potential customers. This not only allows a business to grow nationally, but internationally as well.
Social media, social networking and marketing all together have changed the entire landscape of businesses and the great possibility of success. Even if a company has no interest in social media they will have to soon learn to adapt to the change of time and how modern technology has now evolved into modern business dealings. Companies that have embraced the idea or welcome social media marketing will always have the higher advantage over the companies who have not adapted to following new marketing oppurtunities.
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