Internet Life

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Internet Life Paying bills online, reading a novel, and buying a pair of sneakers is just some of the opportunities the world wide web has only allowed us to do in the last decades. Even though these tasks simplify our lives, making it less stressful on our busy lives, it seems as though if we are losing part of culture through losing daily errands. Can you imagine one hundred years from now that you might be able to go to a tourist attraction that showed our everyday life, such as you can do now at Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts? At Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts, you can visit a built replica of the Pilgrims’ community and interact with Pilgrims ( or employees acting like Pilgrims) to see how life was during that time. Suppose if there was a replica of our society, would they have employees dressed up acting like they’re doing routine tasks, such as picking up the dry cleaning? Would the visitors be amazed with what we had to endure and how unfortunate we were to have such small technological advancements such as we are with past cultures? Even the minor errands we do every day, such as using the library, will become a click of a button away without even having to leave the house. Today you will not find a card catalog in a library, and soon, our way of gathering information will become a rare item. Our society continues looking for new technology to simplify life, and the cost becomes overwhelming when trying to keep up to date. You cannot buy a new computer and feel satisfied with it six months later due to new updates and more gadgets being made for it. Updating and manufacturing of these computer goods seem to be too quick to keep up with learning the programs also. Even as we speak, my father has owned a personal computer for about six years now, but he still does not know how to open any other program than AOL. If everything becomes digital, it seems that we would lose a grip of reality with losing sense of touch and human contact. Reading a book requires the physical process of grasping the book in your hands while turning the pages with your own fingers; Kurzweil refers to a book having value to it, because you can actually feel the source of knowledge.
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