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SCHOOL OF COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING MPW 1153E PENDIDIKAN MORAL LIBRARY RESEARCH 2 INTERNET INFLUENCE NAME: ALWI SUTRISNO ID: BIT12013 LECTURER: MR KENNY DAGLISH Introduction The term Internet today refers to the global network of public computers running Internet Protocol. The Internet supports the public WWW and many special-purpose client/server software systems. Internet technology also supports many private corporate intranets and private home LANs. The term "Internet" was originally coined in the 1970s. At that time, only the very meagre beginnings of a public global network were in place. Throughout the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, a number of smaller national networks like ARPANET, BITNET, CSNET, and NSFNET evolved, merged, or dissolved, then finally joined with non-US networks to form the global Internet. The internet was the greatest invention in mankind. It has become extremely convenient in terms of businesses, schools and many more. Before internet was invented, people had to send letters or make phone calls to communicate with people, which can be very expensive, especially if calling someone living overseas and also it can be very time consuming in terms of delivering the letter to someone. With internet available in almost all areas, we can now send emails with just a single click of “send” and it will send straight to the receiver and also we can now use special apps such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber, and all that to chat for free without using your phone credit. All you need is an internet to do all that. Now what I explained there are mostly advantages but there are also disadvantages and these disadvantages has led to several problems that are facing the society due to the influence o... ... middle of paper ... ... Secondly, they will use what they find rather than evaluating the sources. This point means that students just take the info that’s on the page without thinking whether this page/ info is real or its biased. Finally most students use internet for some studying but after that, they may eventually go to other sites such as Youtube, Facebook and all that. Students will eventually lose focus in their studies and start focusing on these social sites. Conclusion In my opinion, I think Internet has a good influence in people. It is very convenient and saves time and cost. But as always for health safety, do not use the internet for too long. Always rest for about 15 minutes every hour. It is essential. References • • Appendix
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