Internet Influence

The internet is prone to abuse and its use by young people needs to be limited. The internet since invented has changed in many ways. The internet can be a user’s worst enemy keeping them from the real world. They no longer see what is happening around them. People no longer use it as before. They spend hours on the internet that it is taking up their lives. The internet has made an impact on social interaction, education and politics.
Social interaction between young people has changed due to the internet. It has become difficult for young people to interact with one another. They are constantly talking on social media or simply just always communication by texting each other. Know a day people do not even have a face to face conversation.
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Young people spend too much time on the internet that it is affecting their education. It is keeping them from staying focus on their education. According to Nicholas Carr in the article “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” he states that “the more they [ Carr’s friends] use the web, the more they have to fight to stay focused on long pieces of writing.” As people are using the internet it is getting more difficult for them to concentrate while reading. After the first pages they start losing focus on what they are reading and drift away getting distracted by social media (Carr 1). For many people it is getting harder every day to concentrate. They struggle to stay focused on their school work because their brains are wired to constantly being on social media sites (Richtel, par.3). For some people the internet is taking over their lives like Vishal the 17 yr old mentioned in the article “ Growing Up Digital, Wired for Distraction” by Matt Richtel . In the article Richtel mentions that Vishal hopes to improve his grades in the upcoming school year but yet he has failed to complete his reading assignment during the summer. During the summer Vishal only read 43 pages of his book because he spent more time on social media then he did reading. Vishal plays countless hours of video games and is usually on Facebook updating his status late at night which affects his sleep (Richtel). Using the internet late at night and…show more content…
Many young people like to post positive and negative things about their favorite president. They advertise them making others want to change their vote. Since social media is becoming a big part of people’s lives some of them are using it to their advantage to impact politics. They are using it or could have used it to ruin politicians’ reputations in the past. For example, Bill Clinton, a former president, would have not been elected because of all the rumors there was about him if social media was around when he ran for president (Jeffers). It would have ruined his reputation and social media would have played a big role in politics like it did in the past 2012 elections. Jeffers explained how social media played an important role on the elections with 31 million tweets about the elections (Jeffers). These tweets impacted politics because most likely people were influenced by them. Many might have changed their vote because of what others posted on their social media page. Not only have others used social media to ruin reputations and influence others, but candidates have also used social media to their own advantage. “… They all [candidates] greatly exploited social media to establish communication networks and move toward their objectives” (Suomen). Candidates can also use social media to get what they want by overusing it to post whatever they want. They can post things on social media networks; it
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