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Internet is a technology that provides global network and has become an unavoidable concept in the last few years. This technology which started as a basic tool within military, government & university operations has exploded into a world class communication medium and has become the backbone for organisations. Businesses are exploiting this technology on a large scale and implementing it widely in all their functional processes (Aguiar & Oliveira, nd). In this report we touch base on the aspects of gaining competitive advantage, limitation and management issues relating to the technology of internet. The information has been gathered through search on various websites and AUT library database and all citations have been referenced appropriately.

Management or Implementation Issues

Major management issue for most organisations is to understand the percentage of assistance required from Internet technology. Management needs to understand the structure of the organization, nature of the business, employee skills and customer database. Alignment should be based on company goal and future requirements rather than generic reasons (Schwartz, 2008). Closely associated to the alignment problem is the issue of organisational culture. Considerations have to be made on how the culture of the company can be managed with the ever-rising technology of the Internet. Technology is moving at a rapid pace but it is important for the staff to understand the relationship between the use of advanced technology and organisational benefits. Management need to have a clear understanding of organisational goals, value and business plan to all stakeholders. Implementation and sophistication in one office is difficult to be transferred across national borders due to cultural implications (Haynes, 2002). Staff training is also a management issue due to the rapid development of new technologies over the Internet. Another major issue for management is the loss of personal relationships. Lack of human touch may not allow the employees and customers to develop a rapport that may erode emotional attachment. Research indicates customers are loyal and perceive less risk in a face-to-face interaction as compared to interacting online (Colgate, Buchanan & Elmsly, 2005).

Another major implementation issue has been the amount of employee access to the Internet. As Internet is a great source of communication, staff access needs to be controlled to increase their productivity at work. Employment records and criminal history has to be processed before recruiting new staff.

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