Internet Crime

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Internet Crime New times bring new crimes. Actually, as time moves on and our world becomes more technologically dependant, the same old time-tested crimes evolve to fit the arena of the Net. To be specific, the most common Internet crimes are forgery, assault, fraud, and theft.[1] Identity Identity—it’s our most valuable commodity. It defines who we are and is essential to doing business and carrying on personal relationships. But on the Net, identity is ambiguous. To paraphrase Microsoft's ad campaign, Who do you want to be today? More appropriately, who might want to be you today? Email has become the written communication medium of choice for many of us—it's fast, cheap, convenient, private, and secure. Right? Unfortunately, three out of five is bad. Digital forgery is becoming increasingly common on the Net, particularly email forgery. Virtually anyone can duplicate your email return address and use it to send false, malicious, and even legally actionable messages using what appears to be your name and identity. Forged email can also be used to acquire information, create enmity among friends, ruin reputations, defraud people of money or valuable information such as passwords, and even spread hate messages and false death threats. In short, anything a forger can attempt to accomplish in the paper world can be done in the electronic world--but much more easily. The best—If not the most convenient—way to protect yourself against email forgery is by encrypting your email, rendering the message unintelligible to anyone but its intended recipient. Here are five keys to protecting yourself from forgers. 1- Be alert for any responses to emails that you don't believe you have sent. 2- Be alert... ... middle of paper ... as passwords. In conclusion, crimes committed through the Internet medium are the same proverbial monkey that has been on society’ back for years, just wearing a different mask. The most common Internet crimes include forgery, assault, fraud, and theft. If you are concerned abut possible security holes in your PC network or Internet connection, go to,140,,00.html?, take the security survey, and these guys will help you beef up the security of your system. [1] [2],4,6577,00.html [3],4,120,00.html [4] [5] [6] [7]

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