Internet Control in Vietnam

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During the Vietnam War, Vietnam was split into two parts: North and South. North Vietnam was a communist state and South Vietnam was lead by a non-communist pro-American Government. After the War, Vietnam again became one county. Today the government runs similar to a communistic county but it is called the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. It has many rules and regulations that make accessing the Internet sites a lot harder than in our country.
In Vietnam, there are many restrictions to some websites on the Internet, mainly because their government is power hungry and doesn’t want their people posting negative things about them. The Internet is the best place for people to chat and protest against the government without getting caught. It is the Vietnamese government’s best interest to keep this information away from the people so no riots or protests occur and cause the government to be over thrown.
The Vietnamese government wanted to put an end to all the rebelling comments and articles; therefore they prohibited some major websites such as Facebook, Google, and other Internet companies. Their government has those websites censor and basically “patrol” the Internet to make sure none of the Vietnamese people are going against the laws. Another big website that is blocked is YouTube. It is restricted but not as strictly as in China. It’s blocked mainly because of the government issue but also they don’t want people watching to many videos and filling up the network. Also, there are many other sites that authorities have blocked. These include newspapers, foreign blogs, and human rights.
The government tracks the pages that are visited. They mainly track the sites that are written in Vietnamese and have to do with issues related t...

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...Very popular in Vietnam, they are strictly regulated. The café owners are required to install government-supplied monitoring software that traces the sites that are visited by each user. The café owners must also store information of the identification cards of each user, so that it can be officially inspected.
All of this is important to know because in America, we have excessive amounts of freedom and soon it could all be taken away. Every website and article can be taken from us that has to do with governmental power or religious speeches. Compared to other countries, The United States has many freedoms that should not be taken for granted. Overall, Vietnam’s Internet access is monitored but also there is some freedom. There is freedom to smaller social-media sites along with sites that don’t contradict the government’s power or the rights of the citizen’s.
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