Internet Censorship of Child Porngraphy

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“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”- Benjamin Franklin.
Technically speaking, internet censorship is difficult to achieve. Proponents of this measure seem to have neglected the fact that putting in place a system of surveillance requires the establishment of clear, unalterable rules. But often, such a task can be almost unfeasible since it is quite problematical to define precisely the information that is supposed to be blocked. In the context of hate speech for example, it is important to acknowledge the existence of a line between criticism, whether it is constructive or not, and pure animosity.
How can we know for sure that the server will identify accurately these boundaries? Similarly, the matter of child pornography is not as obvious as it may seem; are sexually implicit contents considered as pornography? Should nudity be banned completely from the internet? If this were the case, we would find ourselves in a situation where famous artworks should apparently be prohibited (give examples). Therefore, censorship measures demand complex and nuanced judgments, which is why their effectiveness cannot be complete. As a result, internet surveillance would probably lead to an abuse of control and restriction of some content, even if they are perfectly legal.
Moreover, proponents of censorship can be contradictory in their philosophy. It is worth mentioning that as an opponent of censorship, I certainly do not encourage the violence and aggression that can be found online; big digital companies in particular are an arena for demonstrations of offenses, provided that they enable anyone to post their thoughts publically while hiding behind their computer. I...

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...e are matters that should never occur in a child’s life. While some people claim that censorship completely solves these issues, this is not the case. It is the parents’ job to make sure that their kid is not exposed to these kinds of websites. Besides, it is possible for them to use browsers that will edit out offensive and inappropriate material for young users. This is why cyberspace surveillance should start and end at home. Extensive censorship will not directly help stopping the acts; it will not help find the criminals. As a matter of fact, it makes it even harder for them to get caught. Indeed, often data contained in the content such as the IP address is crucial for establishing the identity of the offender. Blocking the content removes the possibility to use such information. Therefore, censorship makes the problem less visible but in no way less real.
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