Internet Censorship is Needed

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Internet Censorship is Needed During the past forty years, over a thousand studies have been conducted on the effects of film and television violence. This research concluded that media violence, which includes television and movies, contributes to violence in the real world. According to The United States Department of Justice (DOJ), one expert concluded, "To argue against it is like arguing against gravity." What have been potential effects of this media violence? Below are some statistics produced by DOJ Statistics from the United States Department of Justice ("DOJ"): * 2.8 million juveniles were arrested in 1997. Out of these, there were 2,500 murder arrests and 121,000 arrests for other types of violent crimes * "Juveniles accounted for 19% of all arrests, 14% of murder arrests, and 17% of all violent crime arrests." - (Senate Committee on the Judiciary, 1999) * There has been a 49% increase in the number of juvenile violent crime arrests between 1988 and 1997. * 18% of high school students carry weapons on a regular basis. * 9% of ...
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