Internet Censorship

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Internet censorship is on the rise in the world today. The freedom to simply send e-mails or watch the latest news on the internet, may soon be controlled by our governments. Millions of people around the world are in a bitter debate on whether internet censorship is right or wrong? Of course it's wrong. No government has the right to exercise control over the internet. Initially, the internet was made to provide a platform where researchers could exchange raw data (Science Daily), but this was no longer the case after it was commercialized in May 1995.

According to Walt Howe, after the internet became available to the public, the accessibility and free-flow of information and ideas, has grown rapidly around the world. Sanja Kelly notes this too. She adds that as the number of internet users increases, “Governments around the world increasingly are establishing mechanisms to block what they deem to be undesirable information. ...the restrictions apply to content involving illegal gambling, child pornography, copyright infringement or the incitement of hatred or violence”.

From a reasonable point of view, censorship is used by governments around the world to prevent the spread of information that could incite violence, true. But, censorship is used as a form of dictatorship too. A proper illustration of dictatorship as a result of internet censorship, is the current situation in China. The Atlantic reports that the Chinese government employed at least 50,000 internet police, who review and censor information before it's uploaded to the internet (Toyama). The Chinese government has full control over the internet in China. In fact, according to one author, China made a firewall called China's Golden Shield, ...

... middle of paper ... the internet remains free of government control.

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