Internet And The Internet Case Study

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The advent of technology in the past decade brought about the internet, whose popularity has grown immensely within the past few years. The internet is mostly used as a tool that enhances human connections and communication, seeking information, advertisements etc. it is unlikely that you will come across an entrepreneur who does not take advantage of this great tool in creating a successful business. However, as much as there are quite a number of advantages in using the internet as a crucial business tool, there are also some downsides in employing this tool. Even with the problems associated with the internet has revolutionized the business world. This is because it has managed to increase the accessibility of information relating to the latest business trends, it has enhanced communication between entrepreneurs and their clientele. Apart from this, the internet has also improved the efficiency of the processes involved in submission and implementation of marketing strategies thus propelling the firm to achieve its specific targets.
The internet has had a very influential effect throughout the business
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It will further explore the opinions and attitudes of the impact of entrepreneurs on the impact of the internet on business and the factors that influence the entrepreneurs’ attitudes towards the internet. It will explain the extent to which the internet is involved in business, with a vivid comparison of both large and small firms. Eight percent of entrepreneurs use the internet on a daily basis on their business activities even though the use of the internet varies greatly across different firms in various sectors (Lee, 1970). The main objective will be to analyse and discuss the impact that the internet has on businesses and research on the success rate attributed to the application of internet in business activities in
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