Internet And Technology Addiction On Teens

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INTERNET AND TECHNOLOGY ADDICTION IN TEENS Some activities done by teenagers are fun, and it becomes difficult for them to stop doing them. Addiction comes into play when the teens get the notion that they cannot live without the internet or even reduce the time they spend using the internet. Too much use of the web has negative impacts on social skills that are very crucial for future success in life. There has been a great concern by the parents and well-wishers on how to effectively control the use of the internet by the teenagers. Teens in the current society have relied on technology and the internet too much and as such losing the social skills that are imperative for success. These are some of the ways the technology has made the youths weak in socialization: Teenagers get too many friends on the internet, for instance, Facebook and get a notion that they do have helpful company. However, this becomes difficult in real life because the people they interact with on the internet, face to face and chatting are strangers. This is a fake friendship, and instead, one becomes even lonelier which is against his or her mental notion that they have a circle of friends. When there comes the need to get out and practically interact with people, internet addicts finds it hard because they have not been used to it. This means career failure in future for example for the children taking marketing as their areas of specialization. They are left lonely people and have poor interaction skills compared to the ones who do not use the internet in an abusive manner. Frequent use the internet for an extended period leads to depression. The vast population of internet users is the youths who spend their time on Facebook, Twitter, and other soci... ... middle of paper ... ...pressed just because they overused the internet to the worst point. In the modern society, youths have become inactive to do manual work especially if they were brought up in environments that they could access it easily. Such people could not go to markets as they did only the online shopping. They do not have the experience in manual work but can and therefore they have a very big difference from people who were manually active from their tender age. The Internet is useful, but only when used to meet important goals. Teenagers should have discipline when using the Internet and technology to avoid becoming an addict due to its appealing nature. The time that one spend on the internet should have a limit and the money spent should also be set to avoid excess spending on the same. Parents should monitor and regulate internet usage by their children for a better future
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