Internet Addiction

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The twenty-first century has brought us rapid improvements in technology, however, with the improvements comes a higher risk of Internet addiction among people of all ages. In a nutshell, Internet addiction is commonly found in teens, and is referred to as IVD (Internet Use Disorder). Many Psychiatrists debate over whether Internet Addiction is a mental disorder or not. Internet addiction is divided into three categories: excessive gaming, sexual preoccupation, and e-mail/text messaging addiction (Medindia, 4). No matter the type of addiction a person falls into, every addict can trace their addiction to a core problem with their lives. The Internet provides solace to people, as it lets them escape from reality mentally, allows them to create a desirable image online of themselves, and provides an assortment of entertainment.
When a teen has an argument with their parents, the first place they almost always turn to is the Internet; whether they are texting their friends to vent, or they are distracting themselves with a round of Minesweeper. Why is this? The Internet provides the most distraction to people of all ages. Important information is constantly being uploaded to make life easier. When watching videos of famous stars online, it is easy to become engulfed in the life of the star, and forget about a person’s environment and their conflicts. Reality becomes a dull blur when there are so many online applications.
Insecurity and a lack of self-confidence of one’s self is a battle that many people struggle with. Almost everyone can relate to that time period in their life when they felt their social life was depleted, and they constantly looked for mirrors to check their appearance. This battle is what leads many people to...

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...le in society today, which leads to an increased amount of Internet Addicts. With the amount of online resources and entertainment available, people are almost always on the Internet. The Internet distracts people from their real life conflicts, with information constantly added to it. To a teen with insecurity and a lack of self-confidence, the Internet allows them to recreate their online image to be how they desire to be. Finally, the Internet is full of various forms of entertainment to always occupy a teen’s time. One could say the invention of the Internet really has done more harm to society than it has benefited it.

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