Internet Addiction

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Internet Addiction
Internet addiction has been proven to be unhealthy for many reasons, including mental illness, sleep deprivation, and aggression. Internet addiction can not only cause mental illness, but the government is also trying to diagnose internet addiction as a mental illness. Sleep deprivation is also a problem. If the internet can cause sleep-deprivation' class='brand-secondary'>sleep deprivation, then it can also indirectly cause the effects of sleep deprivation. The last unhealthy side effect of internet addiction is aggression (Illnness, Page 1).Children with an addiction to the internet have been proven through research to have different social outcomes. Not only is internet addiction immoral in the eyes of some people, but the internet can cause effects that the people could never guess.
Internet addiction is a big cause of sleep deprivation, which can also lead to unhealthy and treacherous consequences. Sixty percent of parents do not supervise their children’s technology use, and seventy five percent of children are allowed to use the internet in their rooms. Seventy five percent of children with internet in their rooms also have trouble sleeping at night. If children spend more time playing video games than sleeping, then fatal accidents and illnesses can affect not only those children, but the people around them too. Sleep deprivation is a proven cause of multiple heart conditions, diabetes, and even obesity. If people are not careful about how much they sleep, then death could even occur. A British study showed that people that slept two hours less than the others had a doubled death risk. Other side effects of sleep deprivation include forgetfulness and even a decrease in growth hormones. Scientists show that a lack of sleep stimulates a response ...

... middle of paper ... into multiple parked cars. After being questioned by the police, the student said he wanted to play “Grand Theft Auto” in real life (Aggression part 2, page 1). If the internet can cause acts of aggression like this, than internet addiction might be worse than anybody realizes.
Internet addiction can be very unhealthy for many reasons. The internet can cause sleep deprivation, which can lead to more serious problems, such as memory loss or even lack of awareness. Another unhealthy outcome of the internet is mental illness, such as depression and insanity. The last main outcome of internet addiction is aggression. The internet can cause people to be aggressive and angry for no apparent reason (illness, page 1). All three of these outcomes are reasons that the internet can be unhealthy. The internet has more power and control than most people will ever know of.

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