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A study done by college researchers from all over the country reveal that many college students show symptoms of addiction through their internet use. The researchers provided a twenty question survey for the students to take for data. The survey revealed not only how long the students were using the internet, but what they were using, from educational uses, to social media and gaming. Many of the students’ scores revealed they were well above average for internet use and the researchers explained how internet addiction can be as dangerous as drug addictions. The researchers concluded that while the scores show many college students do use the internet way more than the average person, there are many other factors that may relate to their addiction.
II. Analysis
This article sheds light onto how many college students are becoming more and more addicted to the internet. The article relates to class because our class is centered on technology uses and a lot of our class work and notes is online. With most of our work being online, we are forced to use the internet. Most college students, on top of our school work, use some form of social media. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are three of the most popular sites for college students to use, and can commonly be downloaded as an app onto the person’s smart phone. The constant use not only in the classroom, but in the workplace can lead to more people facing addiction problems all over the world.
Today, many people complete tasks for their job on a computer. The constant use of a computer and the internet can cause people to feel as though they should use it more. The more somebody uses something, the more they feel to need it. With thousands of websites available and t...

... middle of paper ... someone to use the internet is like forcing someone to try cigarettes, it may not seem bad at first, but the more someone does it, the more of a problem it can become. I believe students should not be allowed to use their smart phones or computers in class and that colleges should limit what their public computers can do to help suppress the risk of students becoming addicted. The best way to stop internet addictions is by limiting internet use. I believe this article can directly relate to this class and teach us all why we should not be allowed to use our phones in class. Looking at screens all day is not good for anyone and the more you do it, the more you will feel the need to. Internet addiction is a real problem and needs to be addressed now.

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