Internet Addiction

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Why do people get addicted to games online and how can we help them to control their time on internet? Is internet addiction a big problem in the world? Some people suggest that computers and games online are not so bad if they are not used out of balance (2008 ). However, some people say internet addiction is a problem of the public health (2008 ). Addiction is an illness which makes addicted people unable to control the amount of time they spend on playing game s. This is a big problem of every country in the world. It affects addicted people on various aspects such as reduced health, lost responsibilities and violence. However, we have some solutions to help the addicts such as hospitals, personal time managements and exposing to other interest s. (The most effective treatment in my opinion is personal time manage). Internet addiction is very common in countries which have developed technologies. Today, about 76% of the US population has been using the Internet for shopping, entertainments or political information. According to the Entertainment Software Association, in 2008, game software sold 28% more than in 2007 (Wagner, J. S., 2008). About 1,178 American aged from 8 to 18 play games and one in 10 players has some signs of addictive behaviors (8, 5 % of American youth). People are addicted to video game because they like to punish or surpass other players in their games to show that they are the best. This can make them feel good about themselves. Wagner said “Studies show that 92 percent of children under age 18 play regularly” (2008). The addict spent a lot of time for their game. That’s why they will lose sleep, neglect to shower, and skip meals to focus on their game. Finally, they will reduce their heath in the near fu... ... middle of paper ... ...erstand about gaming addiction before trying to help addicts to quit their game . It affects addicts in many ways such as reduce health, lost responsibilities and violence . However, we have some ways to help them quit playing game such as hospital, personal time managements and open mind with other interest s. I prefer that the best solution is “personal time manage”. This is because if the addicts can understand that they spend too much time on games, they already have a 50% chance of quitting the games. Also, people around the addicts can’t do anything if they don’t want to quit or control their time. That’s why personal time management is the important thing . Finally, will internet addiction stop? I think it is not going to happen. Gaming addiction will improve more than per day because we can’t control the addict. The more internet development the more addict

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