International Students Of English By Maureen Snow Andrade

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The article “International students in English-speaking universities” by Maureen Snow Andrade, explains that students who are studying abroad face many problems in their universities and in their new environment, which can prevent their adjustment when they are trying to fit academically and socially. According to the article’s writer, universities should provide good strategies, support and services for the international students to help them and let them adjust easily and quickly. Universities need to do a complete research to know and to define the adjustment issues so that they can find the suitable solutions. The universities and the colleges are the academic environments for the students whether they are local students or international students. The article “International students in English-speaking universities" indicates that there are difficulties and challenges which international students face in their academic environment. There are two types of challenges that affect the international students adjustment, which is academic issues and social issues. There are many academic issues which international students face such as, learning strategies, culture, educational background and language skills. Language proficiency plays the biggest role in the adjustment as a key to make the international students feel comfortable and get higher marks. International students need help and support from their professors to adjust easier and faster. The professor should support the international students, plan to intercultural learning with students in the class, motivate them to get rid of their shyness and provide good skills or suitable programs for practicing the language. Universities have also a duty in helping the international s... ... middle of paper ... ...ting in English online and giving a good attention in the classes. The universities will complete this job by providing professors with a good experience, a helpful library, professional tutors and counseling. As Andrade said, “Other literature makes recommendations in the area of mental health services (Mori, 142), cross-cultural training (Andrade, 142), orientation, library use, accent reeducation and counseling (Andrade, 142)”. And sure we can 't forget the social part, which plays an important role in the adjustment for the international students. They need to find new friends or a new family to get rid of their loneliness and homesickness. They should try to make friendship with native speakers or find a homestay. Here is the role of the university to make varies classes with different classmates and do some events to let the students meet each other and know mor

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