International Prescriptions

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The United States Government has fought hard throughout the years to protect its citizens against the importation of drugs into this country in order to protect them from the harmful effects of these drugs. Most citizens would consider this a great thing. A general consensus among U.S. citizens would be that illicit drugs can and have caused a great problem in this country, and feel that this country should be protected from these drugs. Since most of these drugs are produced outside of this country, strict borders make it more difficult to get these drugs into this country. This does not make it impossible though, the people who smuggle these drugs into the U.S. will find new ways to get the drugs into the country. These strict borders are not only designed to protect the country against illicit drugs though. Many of the drugs that would be considered legal or prescriptions, these drugs are also protected from entering this country. It may seem that the Government should not be as restrictive against allowing prescription drugs into the U.S. The Government’s emphasis on stopping the importation of drugs has both a positive and a negative effect for the citizens. Though the negative effects may not be immediately noticed, they do exist and create a good argument for why the Government should allow drugs from other countries into the U.S. Government agencies have established many plans to protect citizens from drugs. The effect of illicit drugs has affected this country in many ways, most of which have been harmful. The ideal goal of the Government is to prevent these drugs from ever entering this country. If it would be possible to stop all drugs at the border, the drug problems that plagues this country would be greatly reduced. This is because a majority of all illicit drugs derive from outside the country. This goal is not possible though, for many years

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