International Organizations and Their Roles in Public Health Issues

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I would like to familiarize you with two international organizations and the roles they play in current public health issues, human relations, and public safety throughout the world. “The United Nations” (UN) and “The World Health Organization, (WHO)”.
“The World Health Organization” represents a global health network and its mandates enacted for all of humanity; it is a network of health and human services, health information, and is responsible to communicate this information among all countries of the world concerning health and humanity issues or concerns of any kind of human life. We will learn about the important work they do, and why it is important.
Can you think of a time in your life you worried about whether the vaccine you needed was available. Medications and vaccines are necessary for the health and development for all people of the world.
Do you remember a time you worried if the information received from the media or governmental reporting agency on a public health matters was accurate and if you would be safe? Mandates have helped us solve health and humanity related conditions around the world.
Can you remember a time you needed to worry if the leaders in your community would protect you from harm, from work place abuses, if you would have clean water to drink? These basic human rights can and do affect how a person develops and interacts with the community, and are why basic human rights are, enforced among many countries of the world.

“The World Health Organization” is accountable for many areas including human rights, public health issues, immunizations, clean water, human relations issues among communities and businesses, countries and among leaders, they help problem solve, manage conflicts...

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