International Governing Body Of The World Baseball Softball Confederation

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The International Baseball Federation and the International Softball Federation have been recognized since the late 1930s. As time went by, these two federations realized that they wanted a joint proposal in order to revive play of both sports at the 2020 Summer Olympics. As a part of this proposal, the two organizations began the process of merging into a brand new federation that will govern the similar sports. As the governing body of baseball and softball today, the World Baseball Softball Confederation is charged with overseeing all international competitions and holds the exclusive rights of all competitions, tournaments and world championships featuring National Teams. The purpose of this paper is to critically examine the international governing body of the World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) while focusing on sports policy, current issues, and the structure of the organization. The World Baseball Softball Confederation is a fairly new world governing body for baseball and softball. It was officially established in 2013 when the former respective governing bodies for baseball (International Baseball Federation or IBAF) and softball (International Softball Federation or ISF) merged together. The WBSC, as well as its former federations, are headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland (World Baseball Softball Confederation, 2016). The sport of baseball really became international in the 20th century. It was first recognized internationally in the 1904 Summer Olympic Games in St. Louis, United States. It has made a number of appearances in the Olympic Games as a demonstration sport, but has not appeared consistently with every Summer Olympic Games. Its appearances include 1912, 1936, 1952, 1956, 1964, 1984, and 1988 as a ... ... middle of paper ... ...). One of the most recent issues pertaining to baseball specifically is the hesitation of current Major League Baseball players to participate in the 2020 Olympic games in Japan. Big name players such as Kris Bryant and Carlos Correa are heading into free agent seasons in 2020, and as a result they are considering passing on an opportunity that has not been around since the 2008 Beijing Olympic games. Current players worry that taking a two week break from the Big Leagues to play in the Olympics would not be beneficial to their physical health as well as the scheduling of Major League Baseball. The Olympics would come a couple weeks after the All- Star break resulting in the league having to pause play again shortly after coming off a break, so the timing of the Olympic games also places a huge concern in the minds of players and teams (The Associated Press, 2016).

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