International Drug Trafficking

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The Drug Trafficking is the terminology used for addressing production, cultivation, distribution and selling of the drugs in an illicit manner against the laws that prohibit the use of such drugs like cocaine, marijuana, alcohol, heroine etc. Crime and violence spreading due to growing influence of drug industry and international drug trafficking and its impact on the economic opportunities of the citizens and geopolitical stability worldwide has been emerging as a core and prominent issue concerned with the Geopolitical Science. From past one decade, this illegal international drug trafficking has occupied almost 1% of the global business as more than 1.3 trillion dollars have been traded in 2009 into it.1 The illegal trading, economic instability, deterioration of human life, geo-political instability and burgeoning dominance of crime and violence proliferated by the Drug Trafficking encourages transnational organized crime across the borders and poses a threat to the sanity, morality, humanity harmony and democratic values of our society and hence it should be handled proactively in collaboration with IGOs and NGOs by implementing stern strategies for diminishing its impact across the society. This paper sets out to analyze the causes of the rise and prevalence of the drugs in international market, consumption of different types of drugs and their outcome on the young generation from the health, social, economical and psychological perspective. It elaborates how various IGOs and NGOs have addressed this issue with all the possible efforts in their capabilities, but the drug trafficking continues to persist despite their contribution. Finally the paper proposes few recommended solutions which underline importance of the resea... ... middle of paper ... ...on, Brian. “Coerced Treatment for Drug Abusing Criminal Offenders: A referral Device for Use in New York City.” International Journal of Public Administration, 22.2(1999): 205-213. Jenner, Matthew S. "International Drug Trafficking: A Global Problem with a Domestic Solution," Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies. 18.2 (2011): Article 10. Accessed on March 21, 2014. Kenter & Cohen. “Establishing risk of human experimentation with drugs.” US National Studies of Medicine & Health, 10 (2006): 1387- 1391. Legal Framework for Drug Trafficking. United Nations Office on Drug and Crime. Web. Hagan, Teresa, Meyers, Katherine, et al. “Critical issues in adolescent substance use assessment.” Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 49(1998): 237–242.