International Development Case Study

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Introduction: International development is a concept which includes processes and policies of social, economic and political change which affects the world. Process of development is a global phenomenon. On the basis of international development, classification of countries into developed countries, developing countries and least developed countries is being done. In order to do classification, various data is being taken into consideration. For example, data of countries gross domestic products or its average per- capita income, material survival rates, literacy rate as well as life expectancy, human rights and political freedom. The purpose of international development is to address important problems like poverty, inequality, unemployment etc. It helps in increasing the availability and distribution of food, shelter, health and protection. It also helps in increasing the living standard of people by providing better education and jobs. Development can be of two types, one is short term development and other is long term development. Humanitarian aid and disaster relief are short term solution to the existing problems. International development is a long term development which is …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains the objectives of the national hr strategy and the social impact assessment (sia) structure.
  • Opines that a social impact assessment is needed to outline the social consequences of investment and join them with policy making.
  • Explains that international development includes processes and policies of social, economic and political change which affects the world.
  • Opines that human resource development is the integral part of economic, social and environmental development.
  • Explains that government should conduct workshops for stakeholders on social impact assessment. the main purpose of the workshop is to develop the sia framework with the help of core planner and social development experts.
  • Explains that the government of seychelles (gos) was the first country to implement this framework in the year 2013.

Quality of onces life is directly propertional to life of their families, community and societies. Over the years, the idea of Human resource development has advanced from specializing in individual capability to also improving institutional capacity at the national level with the help of social economic policies and development strategies. Human resource development is consequently viewed as encouraging the advancement of national human abilities to accomplish sustainable, inclusive, equitable development and also upgrade the prosperity of people. In national development planning, human resource development strategies are also

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