International Criminal Law

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International criminal law What is Criminal Law? With the passage of time, people are becoming more and more cognizant of the fact that various nations have faced heavy losses due to conflicts amongst them. Today, world’s so called super powers are deeply in favor of adopting and implementing International Laws, which give details regarding the rights and obligations of the respective countries along with methods of dealing with each other both in peace and chaos. In case, any country breaches the International law then world powers shall unite to punish the guilty person under the guidelines of International Law. Well International Law has various segments out of which International Criminal Law is a significant one. International criminal law is responsible for punishing the people who are involved in extremely cruel activities globally. How Criminal Law popularized? In ancient times, kings were responsible to punish the culprits for cruel acts. However, after World War 1 there felt the dire need for introduction of criminal law against the culprits responsible for war crimes. International criminal law popularized when Treaty of Versailles in 1919 stated that the Emperor of Germany named Wilhelm II should be executed under International criminal law, however he was provided asylum in Netherland. Whereas after World War 11 tribunal courts were established by allied powers to punish Nazi regime for their brutal actions against the humans. Since the World War 1, various criminal laws have been made to punish the people not just for war crimes but also for other cruel crimes against the humanity. After the establishment of various tribunal courts (As mentioned below) finally by 1993 a permanent court was constructed in Ha... ... middle of paper ... ...pect crimes incurred at the era of Red Khmer. Special Tribunal was set-up in Lebanon for investigation of Rafik Hariri assassination along with court at Kosovo to deduce the war crimes committed in the war. Are there any specific Types of crimes? Typical types of crime that are undertaken by International criminal law enlist war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide and crime of aggression. In past we have witnessed variety of cruel measures especially by military and political leaders, consequently now civilized societies are formed to prevent the victims by taking strong actions against the defendants. Moreover, International criminal law may even step up in case local courts fail to prosecute international criminals. It is hoped that International Criminal Law along with other international laws may become successful in sustaining global peace and harmony.

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