International Conditions of China’s Peaceful

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The 21st century has exemplified tectonic shifts in the realms of International relations with China being a major player. China’s rapid economic development and rise has drawn attention of the entire world (Guo, 2006). Ideally, a country’s growth is inherently dependent on internal factors. However, international conditions have a significant effect on the growth process. As a result, the United States’ presence in Asia has a prevailing influence over China’s growth. However, the political battle between China and the United States is in low tones (Lu, 2012). This is because confrontations between two big powers will translate to mutual discussion. As a result, this research attempts to determine whether China can rise peacefully without destabilizing Asia.
The research draws from the realism and interdependency theory with an aim of determining external conditions that will favor China’s peaceful rise. The current condition of the world cannot be explained by any perfect theory. However, as much as the realism theory has drastically changed, the sole objective of the realism theory is to explain the interdependence of common goals and interest of mutual interest of nations. After the Cold War, nations in Asia delved in the theory of win-win international relations. As a result, realism explains that nations foster peace so as to pursue mutual goals and mutual interests. Additionally, these nations agree to solve issues through dialogue, a means that costs the least. The China-US relationship depicts a corporation that aims at attaining mutual interest (Hu, 2000).
China and the US have realized the importance of working hand in hand to achieve mutual goals and interests in numerous regional and global affairs. China and the U...

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...esence in the region. Furthermore, the United States is skeptical to allow China’s growth. However, China has opted to cooperate with the United States instead of waging war against it. If this situation of mutual benefit is upheld, then it is most likely that China will rise peacefully.

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