International Business Analysis

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International Business & Economic overview at mid-year of 2014 Preface International business is the activity of business among countries that mostly seeks for exporting and importing goods or services and other cross-border transactions. International business in terms of interstate relationships, whether bilateral or multilateral have been conducted since the beginning of the growth of world businesses. The government by their privileges and authority managing the administration and state the rules & policy to conduct and control this International Business activities. At the present, the barriers among Enterprises for establishing the business and go overseas seem to be disappearing, since the figure of world demand keeps increasing. In this case, the activity of exporting and importing among countries certainly important in order to fulfil the demand of the public. The increasing number of the population that had doubled since 19th century leads to the increase of world demand gradually. Recently reported that the population of the world reaches 7.023 billion people. With such big figure, there would be problems of scarcity to face. In this big opportunity, a business should concern to innovate, expand the market and compete among other businesses. World Business in 2014 We are now approaching the half of this year. There are scores of surprising predictions from experts regarding this year’s economic and business condition. According to the economists, the world economy is predicted to be more thrive than last year, the economic condition of the U.S. was also estimated to increase 3% and significant increase in the trade sector. This prediction may bring benefits for developing countries like Indonesia in the trade sec... ... middle of paper ... intention to build the FDIs in Karawang, West Java. The company will support the construction with US$ 174 million. From the investment, PMID expects to increase the capacity to produce Marlboro for domestic market and international market. To facilitate their ambitions, PMID will invest US$ 96 million. In 2012, the number of export of the product and the Sampoerna tobacco Philip Morris reached U.S. $ 24 million. It is expected that exports will increase by at least doubled in 2013, since the improvement of the producing capacity to produce more product. In response to Philip Morris investment, Secretary of the National Economic Council (DEN) Aviliani appreciate every step of investors who see Indonesia has a good chance to conduct business. "Definitely Indonesia is a good chance there is no other alternatives Indonesian Market incredible," said Aviliani.
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