Internation Community Challenges

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Many people wonder about the international system and how emerging countries will affect the power distribution. China will be a guarantee player in the international system due to its economic growth. United States will continue be a superpower if it can sustain economic growth. Brazil or India can fight for the third spot. I think the power distribution system will resemble the multipolar system. History tells us that multipolar system tend to less stable but interdependence will make it more stable. Power resources will be viewed and valued differently. Economics, technology, and military will be important power sources to be considered in the future. Economics will still dictate what a country can and can't do. Advancements in the technology will determine a country’s efficiency in all industries. Militaries will strategize on different ideas rather supplying more arms. There will be innovative ways to attack countries such as hacking and drones strikes.
As the world changes for the better, it also means more challenges such as climate change, overpopulation, and income inequalit...

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