Internal Benefit of Coconut Oil

Internal Benefit of Coconut Oil

The popularity of coconut oil has been growing, especially in the western world over the last several years. While in other parts of the world, benefits of coconut oil have been known for ages. Coconut oil has been truly misconcepted because of high saturated fat content, however; more evidence shows that these fats are not actually “bad” fats. It is actually “healthy” fats that are essential in keeping the body satiated longer as well as assisting the body in absorbing several minerals. Coconut oil is now acclaimed as a superfood because of its countless health benefits.

Hair care
Coconut oil is one of the best natural products that can benefit your hair thus you can see it mostly as an ingredient in various hair products. It stimulates healthy hair growth as well as giving your hair a lustrous quality. Coconut oil is highly effective in reducing protein loss is one of the main reasons why hair became dull and unhealthy. In some countries, coconut oil has been widely used as part of hair care routine. It is proven to be an excellent hair conditioner and helps in the regrowth process of damaged hair. Regular use of coconut oil is also effective in diminishing hair dandruff as well as keeping hair and scalp lice-free.

Skin care
When it comes to skin care, coconut oil has been hailed as an exceptional, all-natural skin moisturizer. It doesn’t contain any carcinogenic minerals that are mostly found in commercial moisturizer. Coconut oil is easily absorbed by the skin where it works by preventing damage from free radicals, reducing wrinkling and sagging, and even restoring strength to the underlying skin tissues. It also has no adverse side effects unlike mineral oil, making it effective on all sk...

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... and vegetable oils as well as foreign cholesterol from animal product consumption. Coconut oil contains no cholesterol and may even help in lowering cholesterol levels, making it a great choice of cooking oil. It also contains lauric acid, which could actively prevent heart problems like high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels.

Coconut oil is also beneficial for the immune system. It helps in strengthening the immune system because it contains antimicrobial lipids, lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid, which have antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. Based on research, MCFAs disrupt the lipid membranes of bacteria, viruses, yeast and fungi that eventually weakens them making it easier for the white blood cell to fight it off. Candida, psoriasis, eczema and other fungal infections may greatly benefit from coconut oil

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