Internal And External Factors Of Motivation In The Workplace

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Motivated employees are essential to the workplace and set a dynamic working environment for all employees. “Motivation is the result of a set of internal and external forces that cause an employee to choose an appropriate course of action and engage in certain behaviors” (Newstrom, 2015 p.116).” In my company, workers are motivated by verbal and formal recognition, performance feedbacks and performance appraisal. Every company needs workers who are submitted and profitable. It is human instinct to react to internal and external factors that guide in persuading individuals to need to draw in, to be empowered to deliver without being micromanaged, and to contribute to the organization 's success. In individual and work environment social frameworks,…show more content…
Whether positive or negative feedback, it allows me to make the necessary adjustments to find back that intrinsic motivation. For example, I am motivated by various factors in the workplace, and one is seeing my colleagues working smart and hard and enjoys it at the same time. It motivates me to work just as hard. By dealing with the contractors on a daily basis, communicate openly and following up to ensure their needs are met makes me feel valuable. On several occasions, they thank me and encourage me to keep up the good work, which motivates me more, thus, increases my performance level. Also, I feel valued when I am formally recognized for the hard work inputted. This shows that my effort does not go unnoticed and the recognition will push me harder to continue to work efficiently. My company consists of union employees and management employees. I have realized that union employees are mostly motivated through performance appraisal. I believe the most successful and motivated workers are propelled by elements beyond their paycheck. Money is the most recognized extraneous reward, but having the inner drive is also very vital. For example, when employees are really passionate on the job they are working in or have an enthusiasm for their work, the advantage that they feel goes past a

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