Internal And External Environment Essay

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Changes within the internal and external environment is important for managers within organisations to pay close attention too, as these factors influence how managers conduct managerial plans. “Managerial planning is the process of assessing an organisation 's goals and creating a realistic, detailed plan of action for meeting those goals.” (“McQuerrey”, n.d, para 1.) The way in which organisations respond to changes within their environment is by creating and evaluating a strategic management plan. This essay will discuss that resistance to change and the failure to capitalize on the benefits of a strategic management plan result in managerial plans more likely redundant due to changes in the environment. However, an effective
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(Richardson, C 2014, p.247). The environment is dynamic, so it is difficult for managers within organisations to predict when change will occur. Changes in the environment can happen either before or after a managerial plan is established, and can have an influence in its validity. An effective strategic management plan allows organisations to adapt or restructure an already established plan in response to an environmental change. The most important factor of a strategic management plan is that an organisation must consider multiple scenarios to evaluate alternatives if change does occur before a managerial plan becomes established. (Schneider, n.d, p.2). If an organisation pays close attention to only one plan and its development, and does not recognise alternatives if it were influenced by change, this can result in a managerial plan becoming redundant and its failure to respond to change. Thus, a successful organisation should develop multiple scenarios of the plan as it allows managers to evaluate and recognise the potential alternatives if the plan were to be influenced by environmental change. For example, the managerial planning conducted before the development of Apple’s new iPhone 7 would have addressed that the product would not be applicable with plug in headphones as Apple introduced wireless headphones. Thus, the managers in charge of the development of the new product would of had to consider the alternatives if the plan to not have plug in headphones was to be impacted by environmental change. In March 11th 2016, Apple’s competitive rivals Samsung released its new product, the Galaxy S7 which came with the ability to use plug in headphones. Hence, Apple’s inclusion of an adapter to the new iPhone allows consumers to still use plug in headphones, as this was a response
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