Internal And External Conflict In The Tragedy Of Hamlet By William Shakespeare

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In William Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Hamlet, the author shows many internal and external conflicts within Hamlet because of his mother’s new marriage, his love for Ophelia, and his father’s death. There are many interpretations on why Hamlet acts the way he does, but these are the three main topics. While dealing with all of these conflicts, he is stuck trying to figure out what happened to his father. This play is truly a tragedy because he is faced with so much conflict which in the end, kills almost everyone including himself. Is this the reason he turned to suicide?
One struggle in this tragedy that Prince Hamlet faced was the death of his father, King Hamlet. Hamlet did not like the fact that his mom, Queen Gertrude, married his uncle,
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What wilt thou do for her? (V, I, 283-284).
However, while she was alive he had to make it seem like he didn’t care about her or even love her. Hamlet also has to live with the fact that he is one of the reasons she kills herself, along with many of his terrible crimes (Rooks). It could be argued that the love between Hamlet and Ophelia is like Romeo and Juliet (Feingold). The reason for this is, Ophelia drowned herself because of everything that was going on and she just wanted to be with Hamlet. Due to Hamlet losing everyone, including the love of his life, he drinks the poison and kills himself. The third conflict Hamlet had to deal with was his father’s death. Throughout the play he was trying to figure out the cause of his father’s death. His friend Horatio came to Hamlet saying he saw his father’s ghost while keeping watch of the castle. Hamlet, wanting to see if this was true, stayed out the following night to see if his father ghost would appear. Once he spoke with his father’s ghost, he figured out that his father was poisoned. Hamlets uncle was the one who poisoned Hamlets father. This is because his uncle wanted to become king by marrying Hamlets mother, Gertrude. It is shown how much Hamlet loves his father throughout this play. Some of these examples include, Hamlet trying to figure out how his father died and in doing so he pushed the love of his life aside. He was also mad at his mother for trying to replace his dad so quickly, and he was quick to want to kill his uncle when he found the truth out about his dad’s
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