Interclean Sales Department Restructure

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InterClean is making several structure changes in order to adapt to the current economic climate and to best position the company to gain market share in the coming years. The restructure of the sales department is an integral part of this overall effort. It is recommended for the sales team to grow from five to nine representatives; which, is to be filled from with in, if possible. Another recommendation is for a line manager to be promoted from with in as well. These changes are to enhance our profitability and its implementation designed to strengthen our relationships.

Implementing Change

As a means to help the department understand and accept these changes it is recommended for the current sales associates to undergo an educational effort as to, the necessity for change and how change can make individuals and the company more productive. Ideally this process would co-inside with the training of the new-hires and the rollout of the restructure. Our current national environment is one of change which, makes it that much easier for the delivery of the message. It is recommended to consider various delivery options in accordance with budgetary guidance; to include, outside consultant / workshop and an in-house training from upper-management as the top two choices. At the conclusion of the workshop each participant receives a paperback textbook on the subject as a reference and self study. Additionally, a follow-up, one-on-one meeting between the associate and line manager is recommended to ascertain the acceptance and ownership of the change process on the part of the employee. For those whom may not be as far along as we would like, the Human Resource Department would intervene as needed.

The Need for Change in...

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The restructuring of the sales department is designed to organically grow our recent merger growth; giving rise to greater relationships among ourselves; and maximizing profitability.


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