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Intercity Packers are a Canadian operated food service distributor. Led by general manager Tom Bye and manager Danny Ransom, Intercity Packer provide many different types of protein products which include beef, chicken, pork, lamb, veal, and bison as well as cheese and deli meats. There are three locations that service Canada, one in Vancouver, another location at Edmonton, and the other location in Toronto. The Vancouver facility has over $25,000,000 in worth of product and makes over $200,000 per month. Therefore, Intercity Packers is a trustworthy supplier that provides many high quality brands and services, is really strict on being clean to match federal standards, and is very keen on preventing cross-contamination.
Our tour guide, Steve, gave us information about their plant including the special quality brands that they carry. For example, Intercity Packers is the only licensed supplier that provides Canada with Certified Angus Beef. Due to their license, they are the only ones allowed to provide Certified Angus Beef to suppliers. Intercity also carries a special brand of lamb called White Stripe Lamb. This brand of lamb is known around the world for its high quality and outstanding consistency. White Stripe Lamb is imported from the pastures of South-Eastern Australia. They are raised on a diet of all-natural clover and rye to ensure consistent sizes, phenomenal tenderness, and unparalleled flavour. Likewise, Intercity Packers also provides many services such as long distance shipping, as well as fabricating meats. Intercity Packers has a shipping department that packs boxes of product and places them in trucks. In the fabrication room, there are tables where workers trim meat to customer’s requirements. All meat trimmi...

... middle of paper ... high quality protein, they can trust Intercity Packers for quality, safe, and delicious meat.

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