Interactionism And Social Perspectives In Sociology

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Sociology, in simple terms, is the study of human interaction and social behavior on both macro and micro levels. It focuses on the causes, effects and changes in society, as individuals, and as a whole. These events or trends are seen through three basic perspectives or paradigms of sociology, namely; Functionalism, Symbolic-Interactionism and Social-Conflict theory. The following is an analysis of media as a social institution through the point of views of the three main Sociological perspectives. Media has a direct influence on present culture. The moods and attitudes, as well as actions, thoughts, and values of our society, are affected by messages conveyed through media. These include all types of communication channels through which news,…show more content…
Accordingly, interactionists seek to examine how the media contributes to creating shared understandings and shaping social behavior among members of society. From this point of view, media is used to define and outline our definitions of any given situation. In so media act as a social acceptance gauge by providing symbols representing what is proper and what is unacceptable. Both Interactionist and Functionalist theories agree that media represents a perfect society that folks strive to emulate. Athletes, celebrities and other role models promote brands and behaviors while sometimes reinforcing values and moral…show more content…
Explaining why media organizations sometimes regress from publishing negative news about corporations that finance them or have large advertising campaigns in their newspaper or on their stations and why sitcoms are designed to keep the audiences interests long enough to deliver a lucrative advertisement. The conflict perspective believes media to be a mean for social coercion. In that media uses advertising and programming to influence certain social classes. Coercion, control, and changes in our society are partly due to trends that are introduced through media; television, the internet, print media, and radio, and are imitated by the public while playing an important role in shaping our society. Conflict theory in the end strive to promote social change. Although there are many similarities as well as dissimilarities between the three sociological perspectives of Functionalism, Interactionism and Conflict Theory, the use of media by individuals has increased dramatically as well the time spent in interaction with the media, however, each perspective approaches and interprets the role of the media in a unique manner and hence has a distinctive affect on each individual that is influenced by
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