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Within this essay I will be writing about interaction design I will cover my chosen subject in detail via the extensive research I have gathered. I will define and analyse interaction design using key examples of this design practise both histor ical and contemporary.
I have chosen to focus my essay on design' class='brand-secondary'>interaction design as I’ve recently finished a project on wave two witch my final out come was a design/ prototype for an interactive phone application that allowed the user to get advise on editing there CV in order to improve there chances of getting work. My target audience was aged 18 to 23 youth of London who are struggling to find work for them self’s. I focused my design to be simple to use in hope that every user would be able to understand on how to use the application with out any confusion or stress when navigating the application its self. I have always been aware about interactive design but that was the first time I practised it myself. I found the subject to be quite interesting form of design as the user physically interacts with what you have made so I have decided to base my essay on interactive design. from the information I have gathered and what I already know before my definition interaction design is pretty much built of the basis of graphic design itself you need to have the fundamental skills of knowing how to use the colour theory, typography, follow the grid, point line and form most or even all the techniques used in graphic design itself. Where as technology has improved these days interactive design has never been used so much as it is today. Being used on loads of new interactive devices such as, tablets computers, net books, phones, iPhones, blackberries, apps, television, ATM machines, computer ga...

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...buying your product. I myself normally find this a un stressful thing to use but I feel that some older people might not be able to use these machines I’ve personally seen people struggle using them. This makes me think this form of interactive design is not helping out people and where they are taking peoples jobs just generally not helping sociality at all.
There are many new useful things coming out of interaction design it can make the world a much better place but how far could interaction design go? With all this new technology that will be made in the future could interactive design products end up taking all sorts of different jobs making a lot of people redundant? In the past we never had the technology to use interaction design in this way and people survived they were fine so do we really need it? What will happen in the future of interaction design?

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