Intelligent Design Evolution

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The Controversy Needs to Enter America’s Classroom Lina Masaad Ms. Ryckman Rhetoric I May 8, 2014 Currently, most public school science classrooms in the U.S. are only giving students the opportunity to learn evolution. Students are forced to learn and apply evolution, without giving students and their families’ options. By teaching the controversy between intelligent design and evolution to students, it will give students the opportunity to be more open minded while considering the two theories. The controversy should be taught to all students in public schools, and should be given a choice about which to believe. Teaching the controversy means to teach both, intelligent design and evolution, as theories. It means to teach the theories as equals without the teacher giving a personal view or input to the students. After teaching intelligent design and evolution equally, give each student the choice about which to believe. Teaching the controversy also involves testing the students on both theories. Teachers must give students something such as a response about their view on both and which theory they believe. Indicating that this method will help students to better understand the two and also take a view point and position. The students will then get to add their personal view on both the theories to build their worldview. By doing this, students will participate in learning about the both theories. To teach intelligent design and evolution effectively, this is what to do. The goals of most teachers are to educate students and teach them to make connections that can also be applied to students’ worldview. With teaching evolution, that is not what the teachers are inquiring. Most of... ... middle of paper ... ... Began intelligent design teaching 2. Led to finding gaps in evolution 3. Start of the controversy III. Benefits to teaching both A. Teach the controversy B. Teachers that teach the controversy 1. Teacher’s influence 2. Over teach evolution C. Community influence 1. Assorative hiring 2. Define assortative hiring D. Student’s freedom E. More opportunities 1. Open minded 2. More knowledge F. Builds skills 1. Critical thinking 2. Logic and reasoning IV. Why Courts rule out intelligent design A. Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District 1. Of Pandas and People as the curriculum 2. Alternative to evolution B. Contradicts First Amendment 1. Does not force a god or religion 2. Intelligent designer with open space who or what the designer is V. Conclusion A. Both are theories B. Do not have all answers C. Restate thesis
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