Intelligence And Intelligence: The Importance Of Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a part of life every person has to deal with, and it affects every aspect of your life, like your career, personal life, and even work. Emotional intelligence can make you act non-rationale or rationale; furthermore, it also plays a very big role in how you manage and control your emotions and that said of others. Emotional intelligence has a major affect on how you manage your behavior, how you interact with others and how to make rational decisions.
Emotional intelligence is when you can notice your own emotions and sometimes others emotions as well, and to know how to control your own emotions and others based behaviors and emotions. Emotional intelligence has three major skills that were most important to me while researching. One is emotional awareness- the ability to be able to identify your own emotions and others. Two having the ability to control emotions and apply them when they need to be apply. Three is relationship management- having the ability to use awareness of your own emotions and others’ emotions to mange interactions successfully.
I found while researching on mindtools .com , Daniel Goleman, Aan American Ppsychologist developed a framework of five elements that define emotional intelligence. Working on these
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I found some very effective ways to improve emotional intelligence while researching that I thought would be very helpful to improve EI. Learn how to observe your own emotions and how you are able to cope with them. You have to try and notice your own emotions and what triggers them. Like for example when you get upset at a situation, try to take a minute to realize what upset you and what helped you to calm down and cleared your mind. Develop Tthe ability to take responsibility for your own actions, feelings, and behaviors. Taking responsibility can be one of the most challenging steps but is probably the most important for you to
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